We established the 66 Ranch in 1979.  Ranching, cows & horses are bred into us.  Our grandparents and great grandparents came to Montana at the turn of the last century and established their homesteads.  Our families started with herds of herefords, Bim's family in the Augusta area and Janas' in the Larb Hills & Loring Mt area.

  We have developed a Red Angus herd of cattle that must perform in our harsh Montana environment.  We expect our cattle to excel in the feedlot as well.  Our bulls calves are selected for calving ease, growth and maternal instincts while not over looking carcass values.  They are fed to gain 2.5 pounds daily and have to do so here in the North country.  Our bred heifers are expected to breed up in a 45 day time frame.  Our mother cows work for a living. 

The hand full of horses we raise get their first job working cattle.  They learn to handle their footing, work a cow and learn the overall patience expected from a ranch horse.  We have used a lot of running, performance lines in our breeding choices.    Our entire family enjoys working with horses. 


Family horse gather 1944

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